Cloud computing: a step forward to a global legal framework

The French Association for Normalization (AFNOR) created the Digitalization Committee n°38 (CN38) four years ago. Olivier Colas (Microsoft CEO in France) presides the committee composed of cloud computing professionals, technical and regulation experts and academics. Its objective is to set clear concepts and definitions I order to unify practice internationally and ensure an accurate and sustainable development for cloud computing.

This initiative is part of a global program for normalization of cloud computing. National and international committees are working together for the harmonization of norms and practices under the auspices of the International Telecom Union (ITU).

The first international norm n°ISO/CEI 27018, was published in July 2014 and sets a code of good practices for the protection of personal data. The disposition reinforces the obligations of the cloud computing professional and outlines the obligation of confidentiality for subcontractors. The French version of the norm was elaborated in collaboration with the CNIL.

Two new norms were globally adopted in October 2014 by national committees and by CN 38 in France. The first, n°ISO/CEI 17788, unifies vocabulary and defines essential terms for cloud computing. The second one, n°ISO/CEI17789, lays a reference IT architecture for computer servers. The latest is more technical and contains IT schemes and recommendations.

Eight new norms are currently being elaborated and should be published before July 2017. The harmonization of the level of services, interoperability, portability and data flux will be their main focuses.

This global initiative for harmonization proves a common effort to give a unique framework to cloud computing. A solid and unique normative base is an element aims to develop a global, fast and transparent development for cloud computing.

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